Gazi's Place

Camping & Trout Facilities

Nature is Our Most Precious Treasure.

Gazi Yeri Camping & Trout Facilities; It continues to serve in Kiraz Dere locality at the end of Yuvacık Dam, the charming town of Kocaeli. You do not have to go far for a pleasant weekend, especially to relieve the tiredness of the whole week. Gazi'nin Yeri is right next to you, only 90 km from Istanbul. Our guests can stay in our bungalow houses, all of which are made of wood, wake up in the morning with the sound of water and taste the natural village breakfast that we have prepared for you with the chirping bird sounds, or if our guests wish, they can come and enjoy our village breakfast or our unique delicious meals. Our guests can enjoy the barbecue in the part we reserved for a picnic. Our guests can set up their tents in the section we reserve for camping, and we have not forgotten our children, we have a playground.

In our facility, we have a parking area where 180 vehicles can get parking service at the same time. We have an indoor area for 300 people, an outdoor garden section by the stream for 1500 people, a picnic area for 1200 people, a tent camping area for 50 people, a capacity for accommodation in bungalow houses for 70 people, 14 WCs, 2 masjids. Our facility is non-alcoholic and special for families. We thought of everything for the comfort of our valued guests, we worked hard, we did not spoil the naturalness of nature, we acted with the idea that people who love nature also love. Your first address where you can relieve stress, boredom and tiredness

To spend pleasant moments at Gazi'nin Yeri, all you have to do is make an online reservation or call us.